Mahila Avaz

Strong women for an end to violence.

Mahila Avaz – Womens Voice, currently our main project 2017-2020.
Nepalese women and girls face daily discrimination in a strongly patriarchal society, especially in the northwest of the country.
Physical and psychological violence, oppression, no or reduced access to education, child marriages, exploitation, work overload and much more are part of everyday life for Humla’s girls and women.
The tradition Chhaupadi isolates women and girls during their menses up to 7 days, and after the birth of a child up to 30 days, and forces them to sleep in caves, stables or wooden crates where they are hungry, sick, frostbitten, sexual assault, Abductions and attacks of wild animals are defenseless. Since 2015, the Chhaupadi tradition has been banned by law in Nepal, but continues to be practiced in rural and remote areas.
Our current project, Mahila Avaz – Women’s Voice, has set itself the task of ending gender-based discrimination and violence through a multi-faceted offering of women, but also involving men, at the individual and community levels. In our women’s shelter, opened in 2018, women and girls find protection in domestic violence and also during cultural violence Chhaupadi. Our women’s shelter provides the framework for a range of skill-building activities such as women’s groups, work shops, agriculture training and women’s radio.

Hospital Maternity

Support of the hospital in Simikot

Since 2002, we have focused on the expansion of the hospital and Maternity in Simikot.

Regular Health Camps with health-related priorities, training of midwives and health workers by working together to substantially improve the quality of life and health of the population, were largely achieved as planned after 15 years.

The support of the hospital will continue to be the goal – but in the future with a focus on “help for self-help”.