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Earthquake relief

In April 2015, a major earthquake hit Nepal. In the immediate aftermath, hundreds of people assisted Nepal Trust Austria in a fundraising campaign. The donations were brought to Nepal by two volunteers.
The famous Tiroler mountain climber R. A. Mayr, who is also an author and Nepal expert, travelled to Nepal with around 30’000 Euros. With the accumulated fund, he was able to procure needed relief aid such as tents, tarpaulins, sleeping bags, down jackets, food and medical supply. All goods were then transported with donkeys and with support of Sherpas to numerous affected regions, in which Mr. Mayr distributed everything among the now homeless inhabitants.
DI Frosch, original founder of Nepal Trust Austria, distributed aid supplies worth around 15’000 Euros together with the parents of David Lama, an extreme mountain climber who had a deadly accident in April 2019. The beneficiaries were earthquake victims of the Lang Tang area
We would like to thank everyone for their amazing financial support, which facilitated the support of the affected population. All donations were used in a correct and comprehensible manner and entirely benefitted earthquake victims. Your donations provided lifesaving assistance and created hope in a crisis.