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Renovation of the local hospital

The very first project of Nepal Trust Austria was the restoration of the deteriorated hospital in Simikot in 2002.  The intention was and still is to improve the quality of life and health of the local population substantially.
Partial renovations, rebuilding as well as the installment of necessary modern medical equipment took place. Moreover, a new concept for the maintenance of proper hygiene was introduced. The medical staff received training in the utilization of the new devices for instance the ultrasound. Interested medical personal was offered to participate in further education. Nepal Trust Austria also ensured salary pay for a period of 15 years to all hospital staff.
In the meantime, cooperation with the Nepalese health ministry resulted in an agreement to constantly deploy a doctor as well as several nurses and midwives in Simikot. Now this staff originally received its salary from the Nepalese government.
Another highlight is that Nepal Trust Austria was able to construct the very first maternity ward in the region.